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Get instant access to The Phoenix magazine by ordering a Digital Version Subscription. Read the magazine through any web browser on your computer, iPad or any other device that you can browse the Internet. You can save the magazine to your device/computer for offline viewing and also print on demand. Get your subscription started today!

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To subscribe, navigate to the “Subscribe” tab in the main menu and select “Print Version”. This will take you to the order form. Choose a FREE New Patient Guide (optional) and FREE Ostomy Product Samples (optional) and click “Add to Cart.” 

Once the payment is processed, you will have instant access to the new issue and the most recent back issue by using the login form on this page.

To access your account and view the online version, use the login form above. Enter your email and password and click “login” This will take you to your account page where you will see a thumbnail version of each issue that is available to view. Simply click on which issue you would like to view.

Yes, the online version is optimized for viewing on popular tablets such as the iPad and Kindle.

Yes, you can view the magazine through the web browser on your smart phone (iPhone, Android, etc).

You will need Internet access to view the electronic version of the magazine. You can download a PDF version of the magazine and store it on your computer to read when you are not connected to the Internet.

Yes, you can print the online version. There are two ways to print the Digital Version. 1. Print directly from the web viewer program. 2. Download a pdf of the magazine to your computer and then print from the pdf file. For both versions, you can choose what pages to print.

Digital Version Subscriptions do not include printed versions of the magazine.

To renew or reactivate your digital version subscription, use the login form above to access your account. From your account page, you can renew your subscription.

Each Digital Version subscriptions is for use by the original subscriber only. The pages cannot be shared or emailed to other users.

Refunds are not issued for Digital Version subscriptions.

Yes, you can download the entire magazine or selected pages to your computer as a pdf file. You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader (free at to view the pdf file.

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