Better Than Before

Harvard rugby player returns to the field after ostomy surgery

By Rolf Benirschke

Articles in the Fall 2022 Issue

Peristomal Skin Products

Understanding when, why and how to use ostomy skin products

By Joy Boarini, MSN, WOC Nurse

Prostate Examination

Methods to get the most accurate reading without a rectum

By Benjamin J. Martin, MD and Christian Winters, MD


Ostomy Insights

A well-qualified ostomate offers advice on popular topics

By Steve Whiteman

Nutrient Deficiencies

Ostomates can become deficient in critical nutrients

By Danielle Gaffen, RDN

Colostomy Irrigation

A tried and true method of controlling output

By Ian Settlemire, Editor

Size It for Your Stoma

How to cut the right size opening in your skin barrier

By Leslie Washuta


Ask Doctor Beck

Colorectal surgeon Dr. David E. Beck answers questions about:
  • Leaking Belly Button
  • Output Color
  • Scary Symptoms
  • Obscure Diagnosis
  • Avoiding a Hernia
  • Distended Belly
  • Stoma or J-Pouch?

No Kneeling Required

A DIY solution to physical and environmental challenges when emptying

By Tom Palesch

Etsy Offerings

Find practical and inspiring “hand-crafted” ostomy products online

By Linda Coulter BSN, MS, RN, CWOCN

Disaster Preparedness

The special considerations for those with an ostomy

By Trisha Massart


How this procedure detects and prevents disease

By David E. Beck, MD, FACS, FASCRS


Ask Nurse Coulter

Board-Certified Ostomy Nurse Linda A. Coulter, BNS, MS, RN, CWOCN,  answers questions about:

  • Noisy Stoma
  • Open or Closed Pouch?
  • Broken Seal
  • Home From Hospital
  • Ostomy Soap
  • Output at Night

Ask Nurse Anita

Board-Certified Ostomy Nurse Anita Prinz, RN, MSN, CWOCN,  answers a question about:
Stoma Protector features and benefits

Ask the Ostomate

Experienced ostomate Laura Cox answers common questions from readers. This issue: Airline Travel

Young Adult Living

Navigating life with an ostomy for young adults
By Molly Atwater, UOAA Director of Young Ostomate Outreach

Transition from Crisis

Overcoming the psychological challenges of ostomy surgery

By Brian Ronnenberg, Clinical Counselor


Advice From Adam

It’s your secret

By Adam R. Katz


Living with a Continent Ileostomy

Searching for a continent diversion surgeon

By Bill Van Clief


Treating Adhesions

A natural treatment for adhesions and bowel obstructions

By Sharon Hepburn, PT


The Bag Isn't Me

Our self-image projects who we really are

By Matt (Anonymous)


Make It Happen

Martial artist earns her black belt at Shaolin Temple in China

By Cassandra Kottman


Find Your Voice

10 questions to help you speak up

By UOAA Advocacy Committee

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