Wild Rafting Adventure

Irrigating “al fresco” in the untouched backcountry of Tasmania

By Noella Buchanan

Articles in the Summer 2022 Issue

Temporary Stomas

The characteristics of the most common ostomies
By David E. Beck, MD, FACS, FASCRS

Essential Electrolytes

Crucial minerals that are a common concern
By Trish Massart, RHN, CPT

Overcoming the Odds

Reversing a j-pouch and solving an ostomy challenge
By Lewis Schassler

Adhesive Removers

Find the right formulation for healthy skin
By Ian Settlemire, Editor

Ostomy and Hernia Belts

Discover what’s available and how it can help
By Bradley J Galindo, Estelle Galindo RN, CWOCN and Mayra Garcia DeVazquez RN, CWON

Food Phobias

How to identify and avoid problem foods to eat in peace with an ostomy
By Danielle Gaffen, RDN

Journeys of Inspiration

Krista is now better than ever after ostomy surgery
By Rolf Benirschke

Ask Doctor Beck

Colorectal surgeon Dr. David E. Beck answers questions about:
  • Ileostomy Stones
  • Switching Stomas
  • Persistent Pain
  • Hernia Surgery

Jumping In

Don’t let your ostomy stop you from making a splash
By Joan Junkin, MSN, APRN-CNS

In Sickness and Health

Why romantic relationships grow or dissolve after ostomy surgery
By Brian Ronnenberg, NCC, LPCI

"D" New Thing?

A surgeon designs a novel pouching system for new ostomates
By Linda Coulter BSN, MS, RN, CWOCN

The Ordering Puzzle

Piecing together the parts of the ostomy supply ordering system
By Jeanine Gleba MEd, UOAA Advocacy Manager and Susan Mueller, BSN, RN, and UOAA Advocacy Committee Co-Chair

Ask Nurse Coulter

Board-Certified Ostomy Nurse Linda A. Coulter, BNS, MS, RN, CWOCN,  answers questions about:

  • Sleeping with Pets
  • Milky Discharge
  • Thick Output
  • Hernia Restrictions
  • Ring Barriers
  • Splish Splash

Ask Nurse Anita

Board-Certified Ostomy Nurse Anita Prinz, RN, MSN, CWOCN,  answers a question about:
Tangled Up – managing a urostomy during sleep

Ask the Ostomate

Experienced ostomate Laura Cox answers common questions from readers. This issue: Shower Strategies

Young Adult Living

Navigating life with an ostomy for young adults
By Molly Atwater, UOAA Director of Young Ostomate Outreach

50 Years as an Ostomate

Upbeat survivor keeps soldiering on and celebrating life with an ostomy
By B. Rena Huntsman, A.R.M

Advice From Adam

How to overcome fears of having an ostomy
By Adam R. Katz


Living with a Continent Ileostomy

The main considerations when living with a continent procedure
By Bill Van Clief

The Ostomy Book - 3rd Edition

An essential resource for ostomy patients
Book Review by Cliff Kalibjian

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