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Melissa Marshall

Lifelong entertainer shines brighter than ever after colostomy surgery

By Charles Redner

Winter Issue Table of Contents

Irrigating Solutions

Answers to common questions, concerns and challenges of how to irrigate a colostomy

By Linda Coulter, BSN, MS, RN, CWOCN

Intimacy with an Ostomy

Professional advice for ostomates and their partners on returning to romance and intimacy after ostomy surgery 

By Laura Herbe, BSN, RN, CWOCN


Adhesive Removers

How to find the right formulation to maintain healthy peristomal skin

By Ian Settlemire, Editor


Retracted Stoma

The causes, prevention and management of this challenging condition

By Nancy Brown, RN, CWOC

Ostomy Supplies on a Budget

The avenues of aid available for ostomates in any situation

By Stephanie Sullivan, Marian Grace and Barbara Hymans

Peristomal Skin

How to identify, prevent and treat skin breakdowns around your stoma

By Laura Herbe, BSN, RN, CWOCN

The Littlest Ones

The unique challenges and rewards of childhood ostomies

By Jo-Ann Tremblay

Strengthening the Bond

Why romantic relationships grow or dissolve after ostomy surgery

By Brian Ronnenberg, LPCI, NCC

Ostomy Accessory - Barrier Sheets

The many uses and benefits of  ostomy “sticky squares”

By Linda Coulter, BSN, MS, RN, CWOCN

Journey of Inspiration

A case of childhood Crohn’s that leads to an authentic life of helping others

By Rolf Benirschke

National Ostomy Conference

UOAA’s 7th premiere gathering for the ostomy community was another big hit

By Ed Pfueller, UOAA Communications and Outreach Manager

Gall Bladder Removal

The effects of living without a gall bladder on ostomy function and complications

By Lisa Andrews, MEd, RD, LD

Living with a Continent Ileostomy

Tips, tricks and advice on international travel with a continent ileostomy

By Bill Van Clief


Where We Stand

UOAA position papers guide advocacy efforts to increase quality of life

By Jeanine Gleba, UOAA Advocacy Manager


Ask the Ostomate

Get the answer to the question, “Do I have to tell an employer about my ostomy?”

By Laura Cox


Lies My Doctor Told Me

A family doctor calls out colleagues to stop perpetuating medical myths

Book Review by Ian Settlemire, Editor

Beryl of Wisdom

Experienced ostomy nurse addresses the common causes an ostomy bag leaks

By Beryl Evans, RN, MS


Fashion Corner

On the runway with professional models and new ostomates

By Ellyn Mantell


Ask Doctor Beck

Colorectal surgeon Dr. David E. Beck answers questions about:
Irrigation Cramp, Donating Blood, Fishy Smell, Acid Reflux, Simple Sugars, Rectal Stump Removal


Ask Nurse Anita

Board-Certified Ostomy Nurse Anita Prinz answers questions about:
Sampling Ostomy Products, Beltline Stoma, Stoma Size Varies, White Bump on Stoma, Noisy Stoma, Pouch Expansion


Living with a Continent Ileostomy

The day-to-day life and management of an internal reservoir

By Bill Van Clief


Ostomy News and Products

The latest new ostomy products, services and news

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